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If you plan on visiting Japan on business it might be wise to bring your client/customer a well thought of present. It will definitely put you on the right track for doing business. In Japan, business is often conducted on the greens over 18 holes. I have seen some incredible deals blossom as well as go bust on edict alone. Don’t forget your beautiful escort may bring you untold pleasure just by a simple or well thought out gesture of a gift.



Things I love...


Chocolate - Henri le Roux, Pierre Marcolini


Perfume - Jo Malone, Hermes


Shoes - Louboutin, Gucci


Jewelry - Tiffany, Harry Winston, Chaumet


Dress - Gucci, Armani, Prada


Lingerie - Lora Luna, Laxxa, La Perla

In my culture a gift says one thousand words. It's a way to open doors and establish bonds.

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