Happy New Year and Best Wishes in 2018!

By Mio Mishima, Jan 29 2018 09:58PM

2017 has been a year of wonderful triumphs as well as untimely challenges. A year of tragedies and heartache as well as good fortune and blessings. We more than often have to play the cards that life deals us. I truly hope that for all of you, my precious Kings and Princes will be dealt the very best hand 2018 bringing you a year of peace and good will as well as great fortune!

This year we would like to start the New Year with a little humor and tongue and cheek. Please enjoy a few of our favorite jokes.

-Tokyo Butterflies

“Man to Superhot Air Hostess

– Wats ur name?

Air Hostess – Eva Benz

Man – Wow, lovely name. Any relatn with Mercedes Benz?

Air Hostess – Same price “